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The Shift pt 3

A palpable tension filled the room as Candy’s eyes fell upon Myra’s dick.

“Oh hell no…” the blonde’s eyes narrowed as she stormed forward, “You are NOT trying to steal Myra from me!”

Yulia’s face twisted in shock and anger as she growled, “I’m not stealing anything; she was never yours to begin with, you stupid office ho!”

Candy stomped her foot, “Me a ho? You’re obviously trying to seduce her!”

“It’s not like that! You have no idea what’s happening here and frankly, it’s none of your business!” Yulia bellowed and threw out her hands, “Literally, no one invited you, Candy!”

This is...what’s happening? Myra watched the scene unfold like a cheap, daytime soap opera.

Suddenly, she felt like she was a part of a comedic adaptation of ‘Dante’s Inferno; only, she couldn’t tell which role she was playing.

Candy and Yulia were seconds away from getting into a cat fight, and their gestures intensified as they shouted and slammed their feet down. Yulia screamed something about Candy being a slut, and she slammed her fist down onto the table, causing her boobs to bounce angrily.

Candy simply kept stomping like a child throwing a tantrum, and her even more buxom breasts jiggled everywhere in an almost physics defying way.

It was no time to be excited, but Myra couldn’t help but smile slowly.

She was as hard as ice.

“…So just get out of here, already!” Yulia shouted as she pointed at the door.

“I’m not leaving! You can scoot your tiny little uptight ass out, instead!” Candy moved toward the dazed futa, “Myra, go on, tell her; you don’t need her here.”

Yulia rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, “You know what, I don’t need this shit, you can fucking have her, Candy, I’m…”

“Please don’t go!” Myra raised her voice desperately, equally as surprised by her own tone as the two others.

Yulia blinked and stared at her as Candy took a step back. The Russian woman’s eyes shifted crazily as she struggled not to stare at the massive, leaking cock jutting between Myra’s legs, and she froze as the futa moved towards her.

“Yulia, I’m sorry,” Myra grabbed her shoulders and swept in without warning, pressing her lips against Yulia’s.

Yulia tensed and uttered a cry of surprise as the futa held her, and When Myra pulled away, the Russian woman’s eyes welled with tears.

“Candy…” Myra spoke calmly, but not without an underlying tone of madness in her voice, “Yulia was here first. I don’t want you to leave, either, but it’s not fair to be mad at her.”

Candy’s mouth fell open as she watched Myra kiss Yulia a second time. The brunette seemed to melt as she whimpered and wrapped her arms around Myra.

“Besides, Candy…” Myra breathed as she drew back and stroked Yulia’s cheek, “You already got a chance to taste me. Yulia is a hungry little kitten who hasn’t had any in a very long time…”

“What?!” Candy exclaimed in an almost cartoonish way. “Yulia, what…”

The brunette was too busy staring into Myra’s eyes, and she lowered herself as she ran her hands down the woman’s sides.

“Oh c’mon!” The thick blonde whined as she harrumphed.

Yulia settled right in front of the coveted, raging cock and opened her mouth widely, “Oh fuck yes…”

Candy watched the spectacle with an odd combination of admiration and shock. She placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head as Yulia moved forward, “Really? You just gonna suck her off right in front of me? I can’t believe this!” The blonde sniffed and looked away, but quickly shifted her eyes back to the sight, “I’m so mad at both of you…”

“Fff...yes, that’s right,” Myra breathed as Yulia swallowed her gratefully. She couldn’t help but stroke the woman’s gorgeous hair as more tears fell down Yulia’s cheeks.

“Fug…” the Russian cried openly as she took as much of Myra in as she could. She pulled back all at once and gasped as a trail of cum bridged across her lips, “Oh fuck I need it so bad! Gimme that cock!”

Even Myra was surprised by the speed and desperation of Yulia’s next movement. The hoodied brunette slammed Myra’s dick all the way down her throat, coughing once before she began to suck maniacally.

“H-holy shit…” Candy’s anger quickly turned to desire as she bit her lip and looked on, “Dammit...I want it, too…”

Myra threw her head back and thrust her hips forward, relishing the feeling of Yulia’s lips slobbering down her aching shaft, “Mmm god, baby, yes! I’m here for you!”

Candy stepped forward slowly, her eyes fixed on Yulia’s lips and throat, “Oh Myra… I just wanted…”

“I know,” the futa panted as she glanced over at the blonde, “And you still can, honey, but…” she looked down at the mumbling, hard sucking Russian, “You’re gonna have to convince her to share.”

The blonde looked hesitant for a moment, then set her jaw. She was wearing a thick coat, and she slung it away from her body, revealing a thin floral dress that barely held her in. She took a deep breath and steeled herself like a fighter going in for a match, then she moved around the table toward Yulia.

Oh my god, she’s actually going for it! Myra’s glee shot well past excitement into the realm of giddy elation as the busty blonde lowered herself beside the brunette.

“Move over, let me show you how it’s done.” Candy smirked.

“Grrr!” Yulia let out an animalistic growl as she hip checked the bigger woman. “Fug omf! Mime!”

Candy tried to push the cock hungry woman away once more, but Yulia locked her lips down around Myra and squared her knees, making a firm stand.”

“Fine,” Candy pursed her lips, somewhat impressed by the woman’s resolve. “There’s more than one way to share a dick; at least scoot back a little so I can…ohm…”

Myra looked on in elation as Candy sidled up to her thigh and opened her mouth widely. Yulia protested with a grunt, but once she realized that the blonde was going for something else, she leaned back a little and continued to suck.

“ god…” Myra uttered a joyous squeal as Candy closed her lips around her smooth, aching balls. “Please don’t stop…” the futa laughed as she spread her legs a bit, “I don’t ever want this to end!”

“Grk!” Yulia crammed as much of Myra’s dick down her throat as she could before she started power sucking. She wrapped her index and thumb around the base of Myra’s shaft, making a sort of cock ring as she bobbed her head back and forth.

“Mhhm...ooh...fuck…” Candy worked her lips and tongue over Myra’s balls, teasing her and tugging at her sensitive skin as Yulia sucked. “So sweet…”

As Myra watched the two women work, she couldn’t decide if the pleasure outweighed the visual. Yulia was getting messy very quickly, but the woman didn’t seem to care as she slobbered and swallowed like her life depended on it.

“Ohm fug! Goff dammiff!” Yulia sputtered as she struggled to swallow the thick drops of precum that were pouring out of Myra.

Candy snapped her head up and put her hand on Yulia’s shoulder in earnest, “Yulia, please let me try…” her eyes were glued to Yulia’s struggling lips as she licked her own, “Please? I’ll share, I promise! I’ll be good from now on, and...”

“Gwah!” Yulia drew back suddenly, popping Myra’s slobbery cock out of her mouth. She turned her head to the office bimbo and lifted her arm behind the woman slowly, “You want this dick that badly?”

Candy nodded furiously as she kept her gaze locked on to Myra’s glistening length. Somehow, it looked bigger than it had the day before, but then, she hadn’t been paying much attention.

“Okay,” Yulia sneered, “You’ve got ten seconds before I take it back!”

“Ah...ooomf!” Candy startled as Yulia pushed her head forward, but her surprise was immediately replaced by wanton hunger as Myra’s dick slid into her mouth.

“Holy...yes!” Myra bit her lip and thrust her hips forward as Candy fell upon her like a dick sucking parasite.

Yulia kept her hand on the back of Candy’s head and laughed, “God, you’re not even choking or coughing at all! You really are a slut!”

“Mhm!” Candy agreed with no hesitation as she looked up into Myra’s eyes.

Yulia blinked in amazement as she shook her head and watched Candy gobble up Myra like a professional pornstar, “! Gimme that dick back, you stupid bimbo!”

To Myra’s surprise, Candy complied immediately, leaning back and releasing her with a loud, satisfying pop, “’s yours again...take it…”

Yulia stared at the blonde for a long moment before a wide smile broke out over her face. “You like being told what to do...don’t you? Alright, let’s see...if you take out your tits, I’ll let you share with me.”

“Done,” Candy’s reply was as immediate as her movements. She slung her hand down into her cleavage and hauled up her boobs like she’d done it a million times. Her generous udders fell heavily over her dress, and Myra’s mouth fell open.

I can’t believe this is happening...this is way too good to be true!

As if to confirm the futa’s thoughts, Yulia furrowed her brow and reached for the zipper on her hoodie, “God, your tits are huge! Are those things even real?”

“I’m all real! I’ve got good genes,” Candy giggled and shrugged as she reached for Myra once more, “Now can I…”

“Not yet!” Yulia barked as she unzipped her hoodie fluidly. Beneath, she was wearing a plain, white undershirt, and she grabbed the hem and began to lift it upward, “I’m no slouch in the boob department, but I can’t compete with that…”

Myra’s balls and pussy clenched as she watched Yulia roll up her shirt. The Russian wasn’t wearing a bra, and her full, round tits jiggled downward as she shrugged off the hoodie, “Sorry, Myra…”

“Sorry?” Myra stared down at the two exposed women. Yulia had nice, big tits, with larger than average nipples, but compared to Candy she looked training bra sized. Even so, Myra was an appreciator of all body types, and her cock bucked as she shook her head, “You guys are gonna make me cum so fuckin’ hard…”

Yulia smiled and blushed slightly as she crawled to Myra’s side, “I want to see it… I wanna watch you spray all over the conference room…”

Myra could only stand there and relish the moment as the two women lifted their tongues to her throbbing dick and began to lick her on both sides. Two hot as fuck girls...both of them her coworkers...sucking and licking her dick and balls at work of all was like a dream come true. Nothing could ever be better, but even as Myra felt a familiar heat boiling up inside of her, a strange feeling came over her.

“Mhhm...ooh...such a...mmm...good fuckin’ cock…”

“I have to suck it, Yulia...I’m sorry…”

“Go ahead...we’ll suck her off together, slut…”

Myra closed her eyes as the women worked their magic. Her chest felt suddenly tight and hot, and she clutched at her red blouse.

“Fuck…” Myra whispered as she fumbled with the buttons on her shirt, “Is this...shit...I can’t breathe in this thing!”

Candy and Yulia were busy suckling Myra’s cock head and slipping into each other’s mouths. Yulia would suck for a few seconds before giving it back, and Candy, true to her word, wasn’t being as greedy as she normally was.

Neither one of them noticed Myra undressing, however, and the futa finally undid her last button and shrugged out of her top.

“Oh god...what?” Myra looked down at her tits and winced. She was wearing one of her cheap, worn bras, but currently her boobs looked so swollen that the bra was cutting into her a bit. She reached around to her backside and unhooked it, then slipped it away from her body and blinked.

Her nipples looked huge, but more than that, a small drop of white liquid was beginning to form there.

“This again?” Myra muttered, though she didn’t sound upset. Unlike the day before, it almost seemed normal, and she didn’t feel any of the alarm or irritation she had when she’d first started to randomly lactate.

“Guys...I…” Myra moaned as she tried to concentrate. “My tits...I think I’m lac...lacto...milking again?”

Her coworkers were hell bent on worshipping her cock, and they were lost in their own world as she struggled to articulate.

“Candy...Yulia...I’m milky again…” There’s a word for that...right? What’s the word?

Every second drove her closer to a mind shattering orgasm, but Myra was hyper focused on trying to remember what the word for ‘being milky’ was.

“Oh fug...yus...suck it!”

“I can’t stop...she tastes so good!”

Myra’s eyes grew heavy as her load began to crawl up from inside of her. She looked down at her boobs and lifted her fingers to her nipples, Why are they so swol...swall...fat? Were they this big before? Maybe I should…

Myra pinched both of her nipples at the same time, completely unprepared for what was about to happen next.

“Fuck, she’s close...her balls are getting so tight...keep...ohm!”

Yulia pushed Myra’s dick back into Candy’s mouth and giggled, “You talk too much, maybe I should...ah!”

Yulia’s eyes widened as something white sprayed all over Candy’s face. The spray was neither hard nor fast, but the sheer suddenness of it caused the blonde to sputter.

“Oh my god! Is she…”

“Pfft!” It was Yulia’s turn to sputter as a thin jet of sweet liquid sprayed over her lips, “Holy shit, she’s lactating!”

Myra kept pinching her nipples over and over again, more amazed and turned on than scared, “Guys, I’m gonna cum…” she panted, “Please don’t stop… ima cum so hard. My tits, they won’t stop…”

“Holy fucking shit, god yes!” Yulia blasted as she reached out and clamped her hand around Myra’s dick. “That’s so fucking hot! Spray your milk all over me!”

Yulia began to beat Myra’s dick into oblivion, and the futa screamed as she tugged her nipples harder.

Candy grabbed Myra’s balls and massaged them roughly, pulling and squeezing them as Yulia stroked her, “You said all over the conference room, right? Shoot that milk, Myra! Milk those tits and spray your dick milk everywhere!”

Dick milk...tit milk...milk? Myra’s head span as she was forced to the place of no return.

I’m so full of milk...I’m so...milky…

In the few seconds of clarity that come just before a hard climax, Myra had an epiphany of sorts. It was subtle, but something very particular had shifted in her mind, and she grabbed both of her tits roughly, “Yes god dammit! Milk the shit outta me!”

“Oh fuck!” Yulia yelped as a thick wad of fresh cum shunted out of Myra’s cock like a laser guided missile. Even as it flew through the air, the Russian’s eyes went huge.

The conference table was at least 6 meters long, but Myra’s intro shot cleared nearly half of it. The first of her sticky load had barely hit the gaudy, industrial office carpet when it was met with another. The second shot went even further, and Myra threw her head back as she continued to milk her ownnipples.

“Dear lord, that’s a lot of cum…” Candy murmured as jet after hot jet spurted out only inches from her face, “Way more than yesterday…”

“Yes, let it all out, don’t stop!” Yulia laughed as she kept stroking. Her initial surprise was replaced by awe as more tiny droplets of milk hit her face, “I can’t believe you’re still cumming!”

Myra’s vision blurred as she repeatedly spunked across the room. Down to the very last shot, her distance remained impressive, and when she finally finished, her cock was even harder than when she’d first started spraying.

“Ooh…” Myra’s breath came in rasps as she teetered and recovered. Her eyes focused on the dark, consistent stain soaking into the carpet, and she took a deep breath as she stepped back.

“Yulia...Candy...are either of you going to bitch if I ask you to stick around so I can fuck you?”

Yulia grabbed the stretchy waistband of her yoga pants and pulled them off quickly, “I don’t care what Candy does, but I need you to put that thing inside of me right this second!”

Candy struggled to undress as Yulia stripped, “I hope you have enough energy for both of us, cause I’m not leaving till I get what you owe me!”

Myra laughed and kicked out of her jeans, “Girls, please...I have plenty of dick for everyone.”

It was nearly six in the evening by the time Myra got into her car. Her face was fixed with a permanent smile, and she plunged the key into the ignition and sighed.

“I deserve a drink,” she turned the car on and licked her lips, then frowned as an odd sensation came over her.

The futa floated her right hand over the stick, but for some reason, she was totally blanking on how to move it. Even the position of the pedals felt foreign, and she pressed down onto the gas slowly and yelped as the car vroomed.

“No, that’s the gas, not the brake...what the hell is wrong with me?”

Myra raised her hands and took a deep breath as some clarity returned to her.

“Okay, weird...probably just pushed myself a bit too hard…” she muttered as she put the car in reverse and pulled out.

Fifteen minutes later, Myra was sitting in her usual spot at the Tipsy Tankard. The jukebox was going full blast, and nearly every table was full: The joint was as busy as one would expect for a Saturday evening. Usually, Myra avoided bars like the plague on the weekends, but she wasn’t minding the boisterous music and even louder patrons.

“Yo, Myra!”

The futa turned to see one of the bar’s part timer’s, Keisha, walking towards her.

“Oh hey, girl, how you doing?” Myra grinned and took a swig of her drink.

Keisha raised her brow and smiled, “Wow, you’re in a good mood. Last time I saw you, you were kinda meh.”

Myra laughed and looked over the young woman. Keisha was looking exceptionally fine as usual, even in the dim bar lights. From the look of her, Myra assumed that she’d just clocked out, so she ventured, “You off work?”

“Yup. Been working since early this morning, so I don’t really feel like going anywhere.”

Myra nodded as she gestured to the seat beside her, “Does Tess have a policy against drinking off the clock?”

The pretty, dark skinned girl laughed, “No, sometimes she doesn’t care if we drink on the clock, as long as we’re sober enough to pour.”

“Fair enough. Wanna join me for a minute? I’ll buy you a beer.”

Keisha considered the futa for a long moment, smiling the whole time, before she shrugged and took the seat, “Sure, why not?”

Myra scooted a bit and brought her elbows in, “You seem surprised that I asked you.”

The part timer nodded, “I was: you’ve never asked me before.”

Myra chuckled and stared into her beer, “I’ve been meaning to...just haven’t gotten around to it.”

Keisha turned to her and offered a very subtle yet unmistakable look, “Bout’ time.”

Myra blushed slightly and giggled. It was a high pitched, somewhat girlish giggle, and she startled a bit as she cleared her throat, “Ah, but I need to find a way to keep you here so you don’t leave right away…”

The futa waved over the bartender, who just so happened to be the bar’s newest part timer.

“Hey, Myra!"

"Hey, Areum, good to see you again!"

The bartender, Areum, was a half Korean half something else, Myra didn't know what, but she wasn't picky. Hot was hot, afterall, and Areum was one of those gorgeously exotic women who'd been blessed on both sides. Her hair was short and dark, and though she was considerably shorter than everyone else that worked there, she was just as chesty, if not more so.

“It’s good to see you, too! I…” Areum cocked one of her well trimmed brows and leaned forward, “You look a little different from when I last saw you; in a good way, of course!”

Before Myra could reply, Areum looked over at Keisha and smiled wryly, “Hey, didn’t we just tag out? Do you really love this place so much that you wanna stay after a full shift?”

Keisha laughed, “Not particularly, but Myra here…” the girl nudged the futa and grinned, “Offered to buy me a beer, and how could I refuse to let a pretty girl buy me a drink?”

“Psh, now you’re just trying to butter me up,” Myra chuckled, “What are we drinking?”

“Well, I would say the most expensive beer on the menu, but that’s still like...what, Areum?” Keisha strained her eyes to see the tap menu past the short girl.

“Seven bucks,” Areum laughed, “I’ll bring two of the usual, gimme a sec!”

“Thanks, Shortstack!” Keisha waved once before blinking, “Ooh, that’s too much energy from me for the end of the day.”

Myra’s smile turned to an amused sneer as she cradled her chin in one hand, “She doesn’t mind if you call her that?”

“What, Shortstack? Naw, I asked her if she was cool with it. She told me that her ex boyfriend used to call her that, and it turns her on.”

Myra giggled once more, this time barely noticing how pitchy her laugh had become, “So, you go around turning on your coworkers all day by calling them cute names?”

“Why not? Tess calls me ‘rocky road’ all the time; sometimes she forgets my real name.”

Myra grinned, “Okay, ‘rocky road?’ You’re gonna have to explain that one to me.”

Keisha leaned back and stretched, “Oh, it’s an inside joke. Last year, during our opening anniversary party, they dared me to eat a whole pint of rocky road while standing on the bar with one foot…” Keisha pointed further down the bar where two coeds were flirting over a huge margarita with two straws in it, “Did it right over there.”

“That’s amazing!” Without thinking, Myra reached out and put her hand on Keisha’s, “Your legs must be very strong!”

Keisha glanced down at Myra’s hand and smiled slowly, “Yeah...they’d better be from all the kickboxing I used to do. Don’t have much time for it, these days, but I won a few competitions back in the day.” Keisha took her hand back and grinned, “I still stretch every day, though, I like to be able to put my legs behind my head.”

“Oh?” Myra did nothing to hide her sudden spike in interest, “For what reason?”

Keisha flushed slightly and was about to answer when Areum returned with two fresh beers.”

“Okay, one for you and one for you!” The Korean girl set the mugs down in front of them excitedly.

“Thanks, Shortstack!” Myra said without thinking as she took up the fresh beer, completely ignoring the half full mug she'd been nursing.

Areum and Keisha exchanged a look of surprise before Areum giggled,

"You're welcome, MyMy!" The bartender winked before she went off, "Enjoy!"

Keisha watched her coworker go and laughed, "Man alive, what's gotten into you, Myra?"

"Hm?" Myra was busy staring at Areum's backside, "Oh, nothing, just...had a really interesting day today."

Keisha smirked and nodded, "Mhm, I know what that means. How was it?"

Myra grabbed her mug with both hands and giggled, "It's not right for a woman to kiss and tell," she looked away for a moment and added, "They were both amazing…"

Keisha's eyes widened as she turned in her stool, "What?! Oh girl, you've gotta tell me about it!" The part time bartender lowered her voice and cleared her throat before leaning in, "I haven't had much time for boys, myself, so I have to content myself with the tea spilling of others."

Myra did a little dance in her stool and leaned forward, "How much detail do you want?"

Keisha sniffed, "I'm a grown ass woman, Myra, why you gotta ask me that? Tell me everything."

Myra smiled slowly, "Okay… If you insist…"

Nearly twenty minutes later, Keisha's mouth was hanging open and she was staring unblinkingly at her newest drinking partner.

"... Then, I finally shot my load, and holy shit what a load it was! Yulia just kept jerking me off while Candy fondled my balls, and I shot halfway across the room, just milking my tits the whole time. Then, after I took a second to recover, they were both so horny that they stripped down and laid on the conference table, right next to each other! I took Yulia first, cause', you know, all that stuff at the Christmas party and her having been pining after me, and Candy being so overbearing…"

What am I doing? Myra wondered as she ran her mouth at a thousand miles a minute. I barely know this girl, yet…

…"So, I just start railing Yulia, and we've just started, right? Like, at this point, I've only been fucking her for like thirty seconds, but she starts shaking like crazy and she just screams. I thought I was hurting her or something, so I pulled out really quick, and her pussy just explodes all over me! Seriously, she just started squirting like a fire hydrant, smashing her clit the whole time and cussing up a storm! I was so turned on that I immediately went to Candy, and that bimbo was so wet that I just slid into her like…"

What is wrong with me? Keisha is never gonna wanna talk to me again, but I can't stop myself…

“…Slamming and pounding into her, and her huge titties are just bouncing up and down with every thrust. I couldn't help but grab em’ and dig my fingers into them as I ploughed her, and before I knew it, Yulia was climbing on top of her and sitting on her face!"

I’m saba...sabo...what the fuck is that word? I’m fucking up my chances…

Myra ventured full eye contact with the young woman and paused for the briefest moment, fully expecting Keisha to make some sort of excuse to leave.

“And then?” Keisha murmured thickly as Myra watched her throat undulate.

She...she’s into this?!

“And then,” Myra smiled, “Candy started munching Yulia’s pussy like a good slut, and Yulia and I made out while I kept fucking Candy. I got so excited from feeling Yulia’s tongue against mine that I pulled out of Candy and shot another load all over both of them. There was even more cum the second time: it gooshed all over Yulia’s tummy and Candy’s rack. I was still hard even after cumming buckets, so I went right back into Candy. We fucked for a few minutes longer, then Yulia screamed and sprayed pussy juice all over Candy’s, sweet, dumb blonde face.”

“Well...shit…” Keisha gulped again and took a shaky sip of her beer, which was almost untouched, “That’s uh...quite the story. So, um...that was it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. We all cleaned up as best we could before heading out, but man, Candy looked like a wreck,” Myra giggled. “I’m sorry if...that was a little more than you asked for.”

“Oh no, I did say…” Keisha laughed nervously and took a deep breath, “I said I wanted to know everything. That was...everything.”

Myra frowned slightly, “And now you probably think I’m a crazy bitch who needs help.”

“Pfft, hell no, I think…” Keisha cleared her throat once more and laughed as she lowered her voice and glanced around, “That’s the hottest god damned story I’ve ever heard. I haven’t gotten any in months and, shit, I can’t lie to you, Myra, my pussy is leaking like a faucet after hearing that. Thanks to you, I’m probably gonna go home and dildo the fuck outta myself until I pass out, so...thanks.”

Once more, Myra felt a bit of a warm buzz in the back of her head and a distant feeling of danger, but it wasn’t strong enough to cause her to hesitate for even a moment, “Say, Keisha, if you wanna…”

“Hey you two: still good on drinks?”

Areum bounded up to the bar with a big, goofy smile on her face.

“Yeah, we’re good,” Keisha nodded and smiled, “Thanks, Shorty.”

“Cool. Oh hey, I was gonna ask you, KK,” Areum faced the dark skinned girl and spoke lowly, “Were you still planning on competing this Wednesday? I wasn’t able to get the car from my mom, unfortunately, but…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it, thanks for trying, girl,” Keisha offered her coworker a disappointed smile, “To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m feeling up to it this year.”

“Oh, what’s happening?” Myra cut in with genuine interest.

“It’s just this thing, the annual tri county bartender’s shake off. I competed last year and came in second. The win got the Tipsy a lot of attention, and I was thinking about going again this year to shoot for first, but…” Keisha frowned slightly and flashed an embarrassed smile, “I don’t have a car and believe it or not, I never got my license. It’s way too much hassle to get down there this year, so…”

“What if I drive you?” Myra offered as she took a sip of her beer. “It’s only like, what, four or five hundred miles away?”

Keisha leaned back and shook her head, “Oh, Myra, no...that’s…”

“You said it was Wednesday, right? My boss has been trying to convince me to take some vacation time anyway, we can make a day out of it.”

“Myra, that’s really sweet of you, but the competition goes pretty late into the evening, so…”

“So we’ll get a hotel room and drive home in the morning, no big.” The futa smiled widely and took a big gulp of her drink as she saw the pensive look on Keisha’s face, “It’s really no trouble; it would be fun to break the routine for a day or two and god knows I don’t get out enough.”

The bartender pursed her lips together as she and Areum made eye contact, “Well...if you’re saying it’s not too much trouble...that would be awesome. Thanks, Myra!”

The futa grinned, “You got it! It’ll be super fun!” Myra produced her phone and handed it to the girl after unlocking it, “Put your number in there so I can get the deets from you.”

“!” Keisha grabbed the phone and went to work.

“That’s really sweet of you, Myra, wow!” Areum beamed, “I’m gonna ask Tess if I can put your drinks on the house!”

“No, no, please don’t: you guys work hard and you deserve your money. Speaking of which, I should probably go; would you be a darling and get me the check?” Myra replied as she felt her breasts tingle. She assumed that it meant she was going to start lactating again, and she wanted to be home to drain herself...and probably to masturbate several times.

“Sure, be right back!”

Myra finished her beer as she waited for the check, and Keisha finished putting her info into the futa’s phone.

“There we go! I put my number in and the address. If something more important comes up, let me know.”

Myra took her phone and pocketed it with a light laugh, “More important? What’s more important than helping a friend? I’ll text you on Tuesday to make sure I have everything right, thanks, Keisha.”

“Thank you,” the bartender still seemed dismayed at Myra’s helpfulness. “Really, I mean it.”


Myra stood as Areum came back with the check. The futa’s reddish highlights looked even redder in the dim bar light, and she took her card and signed the receipt attached to the clipboard.

“Welp, I’ll see you guys later, thanks!” Myra hopped away, “Have a good night!”

“You too!” Areum watched the woman go with slight bewilderment and a big smile.

“She seems extra happy tonight,” Areum commented out loud as she took the check.

“Yeah, she got laid, that’s why,” Keisha giggled. “Like, a lot. A lot, a lot.”

Areum blushed slightly, “Is it true what they say about futanari and their sex drive? I’ve heard stories.”

“Me too, but I wouldn’t know from experience. In any case, she’s awesome for offering to drive me, I had no idea she was such a sweetheart.”

Areum nodded as she looked down at the check. She furrowed her brow as her lips turned up, “Damn, she left me a ten dollar tip! She must really be in a”

The Korean girl’s eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the signature below the tip box. “You’ve served Myra before, right?” Areum asked as she looked at the check more closely.

“Yeah, like a million times, why?”

Areum handed the receipt to Keisha and laughed, “Maybe she’s screwing with us: look.”

Keisha took the clipboard and looked at the signature. There, in fluid, feminine cursive, Myra had signed something and had even drawn small stars beside it.

̃ Milky ̃

“Milky…” Keisha murmured as she read the signature. “Maybe it’s a new nickname?”

Areum giggled, “That’s cute! I’m gonna start calling her Milky, you know how much I love nicknames!”

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