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The Shift pt 4

-Sunday morning-

“Ooh...f-fuck...why can’t I ever just sleep in?”

Myra opened her eyes groggily and closed them immediately when she felt a sharp, familiar pain in her groin. The blanket was twisted around her ankles, and she was feeling warm and delirious.

“I gotta pee…” she groaned as she curled her body and tried to ignore her insistent stiffy.

“If I get up, then I’m up for good…” the futa grumbled as she came to terms with the fact.

Myra’s hand slipped out of the blanket slowly, and she closed her fingers around her smartphone that was sitting on the nightstand. She pulled it beneath the blanket like a tired wraith dragging something into the depths with it, and she scowled as she opened her eyes and saw the time.

“Huh… 9:37...damn, I guess I did sleep in.”

Myra stumbled to the bathroom in her usual fashion, wrestling out her cock from her briefs as she went. Still half asleep, she dangled her thick, aching dick over the toilet bowl and began to pee absently, staring straight ahead at nothing as she did so.

“What is today? Saturday? No...that was yesterday…”

She heard the distant sounds of her stream echoing throughout the bathroom as she struggled to get her head straight.

“What day comes after Saturday?”

She smiled suddenly and uttered a lazy giggle.

“What the fuck is wrong with me, I can’t even remember the days?”

As she finished peeing, she mouthed a silly, juvenile song to herself that she’d learned in kindergarten.

“Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; Friday, Saturday, then we start again…”

Her eyes brightened and she giggled once more, “Aha, so today must be Sunday!”

Myra shook herself off and looked down at her cock, pursing her lips several seconds later. It looked to be a bit swollen, somehow, and it definitely felt thicker in her hand. Still, it was nothing to be concerned about, so she shrugged it off and flushed the toilet.

“What’s next? Am I gonna have to remember the hand washing song, too?”

She smirked to herself as she went about washing her hands.

Myra stepped into the shower and went about washing herself as she listened to a news blog on her phone. As she lathered, she ran her hands up and down her body a bit more slowly than usual, taking note of some curvature that hadn’t been there before.

“What is this, like a second puberty or something?”

Myra commented to herself as she put her palms on her ass and squeezed her hips.

A woman with a smooth voice droned on about the GDP while Myra felt herself up, and within seconds the futa all but forgot about the news.

“I wonder what’s going on with me?” Myra asked evenly as she moved her hands around her waist. Her hips seemed much more flared and pronounced, and even her thighs seemed to have thickened somewhat.

“And then there’s this whole thing…” Myra said to herself as she swept her hands up to her soapy tits and gave them a squeeze. They most certainly felt bigger and fuller in her hands, and she tugged one of her nipples experimentally.

The futa wasn’t surprised to see that no milk was coming out, but it was much easier for her to grab her nipple, and she yelped lowly as she felt a tinge of sensitive, sudden pleasure.

“Oooh shit...I was never that sensitive before.”

Myra continued her exploration as she rinsed, bringing both hands up to her nipples and tugging on them gently.

“F-fuck...what the shit…” she furrowed her brow and gasped as her body began to heat up, “It never felt this good before, did it?”

Of course, there was no one to answer but herself, and her body seemed to grow hotter in reply as her girl cock began to grow erect.

Myra straightened her back and thrusted her chest out a bit as she tugged her nipples more roughly.

“Oh my god...this is amazing…” she panted, “When the fuck did this happen? I can’t believe how good it feels…”

The futa had never given much thought to breast play. She enjoyed it when her partners sucked on her nips and massaged her, but she wasn’t like some women, futa or otherwise, who could get off just from having their tits fondled.

Or so she thought. As Myra stood there, tugging and rolling her own nipples between her fingers, she began to rethink her stance, and her dick fattened between her legs as it bounded up into full hardness.

“Dear god...c-can I actually cum like this?” She panted as she pulled her hard nipples even faster, pinching them in small, rough bursts.

Myra closed her eyes and leaned back against the shower wall, giving in completely to the simple pleasure.

...Up by 4.5% in the last 48 hours, which is the first time in history that… Bzzz! Bzzz!

Myra opened her eyes as the white noise of the news was cut off by a loud buzzing. She frowned and took her hands away from her tits, then leaned forward and peeked through the shower curtain.

Someone was calling her. She winced as she tried to make out the name on the screen.


The futa’s mouth dropped open as she remembered something very suddenly.

“Aw, shit!”

She’d made a brunch date with her friend several days prior, but she’d completely forgotten about it. The futa turned and shut the water off quickly, then yanked the towel off the rack and practically jumped out of the tub.

After drying her hands hurriedly, she snagged her phone and saw that Amelie had hung up. She called her back immediately, bringing the phone to her wet ear.

“There you are, Myra! I’m about ten minutes away from the cafe’, we’re still on for brunch, right?”

“Yeah, of course!” Myra kept drying herself while she cradled the phone in the crook of her neck, “I’m running a little late, but I’m on my way.”

“ didn’t forget, did you, bon ami?”

“No, of course not! How could I forget about you, hon?” Myra lied. “See you in a few!”

“K! À tout à l'heure!”

“See ya soon!”

Myra ended the call and humphed as she looked up at herself in the mirror. Her boobs looked swollen and her cock was leaking pre, but she shook her head and frowned at her reflection, “I’m a terrible could I forget about Amelie?”

‘Getting ready fast’ did not go so well for the rushed futa.

For one, getting her dick to go down was no small chore, and when she finally did, she was dismayed to run into yet another problem.


Myra looked quite a sight standing in the middle of her bedroom, wearing a bra that was nearly two sizes too small and half a pair of jeans. The top half was what was currently giving her trouble, and she jumped in an effort to cram her ass inside of it.

"Did these shrink or what?" Myra persisted for several more seconds, shimmying her hips and hopping up and down.

The edges of the jeans climbed up, her ass wobbled and her briefs bunched up around her thighs, and finally, the futa growled as she gave up.

She’d been trying for what seemed like ages to get into her usual comfy jeans, but it simply wasn’t happening. In reality, it had only been a minute or two, but she huffed loudly and dug through her drawer for a skirt.

“I don’t have time for this shit...I got a date, god dammit!”

Twenty minutes later, Myra was finally starting to relax. All of her stress and rushing was eased by Amelie’s company; not without a bit of teasing from the French girl about her being late.

Their favorite brunch spot was a classic italian cafe complete with terrace seating and checkered tablecloths. The terrace seats were particularly in demand, but Amelie was a friend of the owner, so the two had managed to score a table sitting alone on the outside balcony.

They’d been talking and laughing for a good amount of time, having already thrown back their second pitcher of mimosas. The kitchen was backed up, so they volunteered to wait on ordering, but really, it was just an excuse to drink more.

Myra had loosened up so much from the booze and the beautiful, clear day, that she’d just spilled the beans to Amelie about what had happened the day before. The dark haired, petite french girl listened excitedly, and she laughed and kicked her legs when Myra finished.

“I like this new Myra!” Amelie grabbed her champagne glass and took another sip of the bright orange liquid. “You used to be a little stuffy and self deprecating about these things, but lately you’ve been so adventurous!”

“Really?” Myra laughed and shook her head. She couldn’t for the life of her remember what ‘self deprecating’ meant, but she answered, “Have I really been acting strangely? I mean, I guess I have been feeling a little different, recently, but…” she shrugged, “Iono, I feel pretty much the same.”

Amelie raised a brow, “Myra, you colored your hair; that’s something I thought you’d never do.”

“I did not,” Myra laughed as she twirled her rushed lochs. For how much time she hadn’t spent on it, her hair had come out nicely, and it shone deeply red in the sun, “The red is just coming out. I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but I’m blowing up all over.”

“Yeah, sure, like I’ll believe that,” Amelie rolled her eyes, “When we fucked last week your hair wasn’t nearly that red, but now that you mention it…” the French girl looked over Myra and smiled slowly. “Your boobs do look bigger, and I was checking out your ass while you were sitting down. Maybe you are telling the truth.”

Myra laughed, “I am! I have no reason to lie: I’m telling you, something wonky is going on. Besides the whole lactation thing, I think I’m cumming more now, and my sex drive seems to be…”

Myra paused for a moment as a slight spell of dizziness came over her. She shook it off, and it disappeared as soon as it came, “What was I saying?”

“You were talking about your sex drive,” Amelie grinned. “I think it’s wonderful, mon amour, you should explore it.”

“I dunno, I guess,” Myra took a drink of her mimosa and drew the glass back. In the sunlight, a bright swatch of her lipstick shone on the rim, and she set the glass down and dug into her purse. “It does feel amazing, but lately all I’ve been wanting to do is cum.”

Myra pulled out a tube of red lipstick and reapplied it. She used far more than she usually did, and she puckered her full lips before replacing the tube. “Cum cummy cum, all day, all night; feels so good, feels so right.”

Amelie smiled slowly as she looked up at her friend. Myra had sang the little song in a cute fashion, but it was so sudden and strange; not at all like the Myra she was familiar with.

“You’re drunk,” Amelie giggled as she took another drink.

“Hell no, you are!” Myra giggled and took a drink in turn. “I’m not drunk, I’m just full of cum and it’s killing my brain cells. Like, seriously, Amelie, I feel like I’ve been drowning in the stuff. It makes me hot and distracted and I can’t seem to think about doing anything else until my balls are drained.”

Amelie was about to answer when Myra put a finger on her chin and looked upward thoughtfully, “But cum doesn’t come from balls, does it? I mean, it’s not stored in balls, it’s stored somewhere else, but I can’t remember the name. Listen to me, like I would even know!” Myra cackled. “Like I’m some sort of doctor or scholar or whatever. Anyway, I’m not complaining; Milky don’t care if people think she’s dumb, milky just wanna cum, cum, cum.”

Amelie was about to take a sip of her drink, but stopped and grinned in disbelief at her friend. “Hang on...what did you just say?”

Myra blinked, “Hm? Oh...I dunno, can’t remember.”

Amelie pursed her lips and leaned forward, “Did you just refer to yourself in the third person and call yourself Milky?”

Myra’s reply was cut short by the waitress who entered the terrace.

“I’m so sorry about that wait, you two! We’re ready for your order now!”

Amelie clapped and rattled off her order without looking at the menu. The waitress jotted it down then turned to Myra.

“Do you have anything on the menu that’ll make me as gorgeous as you?” Myra asked the waitress with a sincere smile.

The waitress, a homely looking thirty something with bright eyes, blushed and laughed, “I don’t know about all that, but thank you!”

Amelie’s eyes widened as she handed the menus to the waitress, “She’ll have what I’m having, thanks!”

The waitress thanked them and whisked away as Amelie stared at Myra in disbelief.

“What’s going on with you?” The petite girl laughed and shook her head, “’re never this flirty.”

Myra put her head in her hands and laughed, “I know, I know! I’m sorry. It’s just...damn, Amelie, I get in these moods, and…” Myra looked down at her skirt and sighed, “And I’m so fuckin’ horny right now, it’s like a furnace down there.”

Amelie smiled wickedly, “Wanna BJ?”

Myra startled. It wasn’t so much that the question surprised her, but she was surprised by how unsurprised she was by the idea. “Here? You mean like, right now?”

“Ooh yes!” Amelie squealed and wriggled beneath the table cloth like a lithe snake, “Just don’t scream or they’ll kick us out…”

Myra’s eyes widened as she looked around quickly. There were a few people passing on the street below, but no one seemed to have noticed the French girl slip under the table, “H-hey...hang on, baby, I…oh fuck…”

For how small Amelie was, her appetite for cock was extensive. Myra sucked in a quick breath as she felt the girl tug down her briefs and cram her dick deep into her hungry mouth.

“Oh god...h-holy fuck…” Myra’s eyelids grew heavy as she gripped her mimosa and darted her glance around. “Oh, Amelie...I can’t…”

“Mmph…” A soft, girly grunt could be heard from beneath the checkered tablecloth as Myra scooted her chair in closer.

“Fuck...fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck…” Myra whispered as she clenched her fists and tried not to moan. Amelie was going deep, and the futa wasn’t sure she was going to be able to keep from screaming.

“Gah...Dieu! When did you get so big!” Amelie hissed from beneath the table, “I can barely fit it in my mouth!”

Myra had no reply as Amelie took her in once more, this time sucking harder and faster.

“Oh gud...shit...yes...suck it, baby, fucking…” Myra grit her teeth and looked up quickly as the terrace door was opened.

“I thought you two could use another pitcher of mimosas!” The waitress from before beamed as she stepped through the door. “Oh!” The waitress’s eyes fell upon Amelie’s empty seat.

“She uh...she went to the b-bathroom,” Myra forced a smile as she felt the back of Amelie’s throat squeezing around her cock head.

“Ah, of course,” the waitress smiled, left the new pitcher on the table then turned. She took one step away, then turned back to Myra and sheepishly handed her a piece of paper.

“,” the waitress cleared her throat, “It’s uh… my phone number… if you wanna call me…”

It was taking everything the futa had just to stay still, but she reached out and took the number with a grin, “Aw, t-thanks! I d-definitely...gnh...will!”

The waitress blushed and nodded, “Your food will be here shortly.”

As soon as the waitress left, Myra doubled over the table and giggled uncontrollably, “Oh god! Oh god, I can’t even…”

She felt Amelie shift beneath her, and the tablecloth shook as the French girl laughed lowly, “’re getting all kinds of lukcy today. Here, Myra…”

Myra felt a small hand wrap around the base of her shaft and she gasped.

“Pretend I’m the waitress. You just had your first date and now you're blowing your load down her throat for the first time…”

“A-Amelie, w-wait!”

Myra gripped the edge of the table with white knuckles as Amelie swallowed her once more. Just the thought of dumping hot jizz into the waitress's mouth was unbearably hot, and she curled her toes as she hissed loudly.

“Shit! G-gonna c-cum!”

“Mmm!” Another girly grunt could be heard beneath the tablecloth, followed by lots and lots...and lots of swallowing. Myra shook as she struggled not to scream, and seconds later, she heard a small cough.

“Oof...ugh...okay…” A dark head of hair could be seen popping up from beneath the table, and Amelie wriggled her way back onto her seat with a dismayed look.

Myra stared at her as she came down from her climax, “Are you...okay?”

Amelie stared at her for another few seconds before she covered her mouth and let out a small, feminine burp. “Oh, pardon!” She laughed loudly and threw her head back, holding her chest and shaking her head, “Myra, you are crazy!” She attempted to lower her voice as she kept laughing,

“That was so, so much! I can’t believe I was able to swallow it all!”

Myra laughed along with her. She was feeling much better, and while the two friends laughed, the waitress returned with a platter of hot food.

“I’m so sorry, but could you pack this for me so I can take it home?” Amelie smiled as she pointed to one of the plates, “The breadstick I had was much more filling than I thought!”

-Monday morning-

“Hey, Myra, we’re all set for that meeting if you wanna join us in about ten minutes!”

Oh no… Myra thought as she heard her boss, James, chirp cheerfully from behind her. Was that today?

The accountant futa tried not to wince as she swung around on her office chair and forced a smile, “Great! I’ll see you there, James.”

Her boss gave her a thumbs up and cocked his head as he looked her over, “Hey, nice outfit, Myra! Deviating from the business slacks, I see.”

Myra glanced down at her outfit and kept smiling. Just like the morning before, it had been a bitch and a half to get dressed, and nearly all of her regular outfits seemed too small. She’d been forced to dip into her less than impressive arsenal of traditional female clothing, but even the black skirt she was wearing was tight around her waist.

“Thanks boss!” Myra tried not to roll her eyes. James wasn’t hitting on her (she wasn’t sure he was capable of hitting on any woman, futa or not) but she wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

“Sure. We’ve got donuts and coffee, too, so don’t worry: I’ll try to keep it short.”

Myra kept smiling as her boss left her cubicle, then allowed her lips to droop down into a sudden frown as soon as he was gone.

“Yeah, that’s what I need right now,” she muttered as she grabbed her widened hips, “Donuts.”

The meeting was about as exciting as meetings usually were, which was to say that the Monday-grump futanari would have rather smashed her own fingers with a hammer than be forced to sit in. Still, the donuts and coffee helped, and she sipped the decent brew as one of her co-workers went on about quarterly changes.

She wasn’t alone in her suffering: her entire accounting department, about a dozen people, were present, all of them struggling to look interested.

As usual, Myra’s attention span lasted about five minutes before her eyes started to wander. The meeting was taking place in the conference room...the same room that she’d fucked Candy and Yulia in only two days prior.

She smiled to herself as she watched James pace back and forth and point at a slide presentation on the wall. His shoes were stepping right on the spot where she’d rocketed a copious amount of girl cum, and she tried not to laugh as she wondered how he would react if he knew that.

Myra’s eyes darted to the spot where she’d taken Candy and Yulia. Currently, one of her coworkers, a sweet older lady named Martha, was breaking open a stack of sugar free sweeteners and pouring them into her coffee. Myra’s mind began to run wild as she imagined herself retelling the story to Martha; the story of how she’d pounded Yulia so hard that the Russian woman had sprayed pussy juice all over…

Hm, speaking of Yulia…

Myra allowed her gaze to wander to the left side of the table, where Yulia herself was sitting. She was surprised to see that Yulia was staring right back at her, smiling knowingly.

Myra lifted her pen and waved it casually towards the woman in greeting.

Yulia smiled a bit wider and grabbed her own pen. She pinched it with her pointer finger and thumb and began to slide her fingers up and down its length, all while staring at the slide presentation like she was paying close attention.

The futa felt her cock twitch and cleared her throat, Oh god, she’s really flirting with me!

Yulia was wearing a white blouse and a long blue skirt, and she stretched casually as she pulled at her collar and loosed the top button.

Holy shit, she’s laying it on thick…

Yulia stretched once more, opening her blouse up just enough to show the first delicate crease of her cleavage. It certainly wasn’t enough skin to cause anyone to look twice, but for Myra the implication was just as hot as a full strip tease.

“...if anyone needs help with the program, Myra is the one to talk to!”

The futa snapped her head up to the front and tried like hell to refocus her attention, “Oh...really?”

“Absolutely!” James praised her as he wagged a finger at her, “You don’t mind being our go to person for the new accounting software, do you?”

“, not at all,” Myra smiled as all eyes were on her, “I’m uh...pretty familiar with it; we used it at my last job, know, I’ve already shown it who’s boss.”

Nearly everyone in the room chuckled, and Myra settled back, happy to have the attention off of her as James launched into his next slide.

Damn, I’ve gotta focus, at least a little. Come on, My, get your shit together...

It was only a few seconds before she looked back at Yulia, however, and she took a deep breath when the Russian woman licked her lips and winked.

Yulia grabbed a sugar packet and tore it with her teeth, then poured it into her styrofoam cup and dipped her pinky in. Slowly, she stirred it clockwise, then lifted it out of the cup and slid her pinky into her mouth. She suckled on it, looking straight at Myra, before leaning forward and pushing her boobs against the edge of the table.

Fuck, this is gonna be a long meeting...

45 agonizing minutes later, Myra rushed out of the conference room and dashed towards the bathroom.

God I needa cum so bad!

She walked with an odd, sideways gait, trying to hide her almost completely erect cock between her legs. She’d exited the conference room before anyone else, and she hoped to god that the single person bathroom was open.

Please don’t be taken, please don’t be taken…

The futa reached the door and put her hand on the handle.

God dammit!

It was occupied. Having no other course of action, she walked a few paces to the women’s restroom and kicked the door open.

Thankfully, it was empty, and she headed straight to the handicapped stall and pushed the door open. After locking it behind her, she thrusted her hands below her skirt, wrestled out her weeping cock, and wrapped her trembling fingers around it. She was standing right over the toilet, so she wouldn’t have to worry too much about the mess, but her biggest concern was being able to finish before she was inevitably interrupted.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck...please just cum quick…” she breathed as she began to stroke quickly.

Yulia’s subtle yet immensely provocative teasing had brought her to another burning episode of dizziness and desire. All she could think about was cumming; spraying her thick, hot spunk out until the burning was gone. Draining…

“Draining all that milky cum…” Myra whispered to herself as she stroked desperately.

She was just about to reach the outer rim of her climax when she heard the door swing open.

Shit! C’mon, just let me nut in peace!

The person who entered immediately stepped into the stall beside her and locked the door. Myra gritted her teeth in frustration as she slowed her stroking.

Come on, really?! Myra vented inwardly as she attempted to jack off quietly. It was almost impossible to keep her precum from making a sharp, wet squelching sound as it gathered around her cock head. She would have to keep her pace so slow and even that she had no idea if it would be enough to bring her around, but she dutifully kept at it as she heard the usual commotion from the stall beside her.


Myra thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, and she snapped her head over to see someone crawling beneath the adjacent bathroom stall into the one she was in.

A prickle of fear jolted her for half a second, then she realized who it was.

“Yulia, what the fuck are you doing?!” Myra said through clenched teeth as the Russian woman stood up from her awkward belly crawl.

Yulia’s eyes were wild and hungry, and she came right up to Myra and grabbed her cock.

“Gnh! Holy shit! What are you...oh god…” Myra’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as Yulia began to stroke her like mad.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about this all fucking weekend…” Yulia’s breath was heavy and honied as she cranked down on the futa’s thick shaft, “I couldn’t stop replaying the sight of you blasting all over the conference room...over and over again. I fucked my pussy raw all day yesterday thinking about getting you off again, and now…”

Both Myra and Yulia looked up as the door opened once more. Two women entered, chatting away about how boring the meeting had been, and Yulia clamped a hand over Myra’s mouth and stroked her even faster.

“I mean, how many times does he have to repeat himself? It’s like, ‘okay, James, we get it, just shut up, already!”

The other woman laughed, “I know, but it’s a small price to pay. I’ve had worse bosses, you know? Still, this new software blows. I wish this company would spend the money on…”

Myra’s knees began to shake as Yulia kept cranking down on her shaft. The Russian woman was leaning forward, pounding her dick back at a million miles a minute. Thick globs of precum were starting to glisten downward, gathering on the floor and the toilet seat, and Yulia was making hard eye contact with her, willing her to cum.

“...and it’s just better! I’m glad Myra understands it: at least someone does, but I can’t ever see myself getting used to it.”

“I feel bad asking her for help; I can’t believe he threw her under the bus like that!”

“I think he meant well, but Myra does a lot of work around here, I seriously doubt she’s gonna have time for that with how big her work load is already.”

Myra held in a scream as her cock pulsed inside of Yulia’s death grip. Wads of hot girl spunk careened out of her slit, dripping thickly against the white porcelain, rolling down and settling in clear pools.

“Yeah, I’ve seen how many clients she works with at one time; I have no idea how she pumps them out like that.”

Myra nearly fell over as Yulia milked another five shots out of her. Myra looked down desperately as her dick spit up more and more creamy white girl goo, and that was when she realized… dick really did get bigger…

Yulia released her several seconds later and pulled her hands back. Before Myra could react, the woman stood up on her toes and kissed the futa deeply, then drew back and made a gesture with her hand, lifting it to her ear.

“Call me,” Yulia mouthed to her before she turned and crawled back under the stall.

Myra stood there in a daze as she heard Yulia flush the toilet. The Russian woman opened the stall door a moment later and the girls squeaked.

“Oh, Yulia, I didn’t even know you were in there; you’re so quiet!”

Myra heard Yulia chuckle as the sink was turned on, “I was just playing a game on my phone.”

“Oh yeah? What game? Anything good?”

Myra blinked as she heard Yulia reply without skipping a beat, “One of those shooting games...they can be pretty fun.”


Myra stared down at the tag in disbelief.

“Size 12? Seriously?”

She was standing in the dressing room of a clothing store, pantsless, gawking at a pair of jeans she was holding.

“That can’t be right...I’m a size 8…”

The dismayed futa reached for a size eight pair of pants and tried to kick into them. Once again, like the previous three times she’d tried them on at other stores, her ass and hips were just too wide.

She tried her damndest to force them on, pulling them up in sections. When she managed to squeeze her ass into the back, she couldn't zip the front, and when she could zip the front, then...

“Well...shit,” Myra stared into the mirror sideways and marveled at the top half of her ass spilling over the edge of the size 8. She shook her head in amazement, unsure if she was turned on or slightly scared.

"Where did I get this dump truck from?"

Myra sighed and tugged off the too small jeans, then hopped back into the twelve. They fit her well enough, though they were still a little tight around the crotch, but that was probably because of her extra equipment.

“Okay...I guess I somehow grew four sizes in a week’s time,” the futa sighed once more as she consulted the dressing room mirror, “Maybe I’m just getting fat."

She reached down to her thighs and gave them a squeeze, "My legs too...I wonder if thick thighs really do save lives?"

The last 24 hours had been a bit of a blur for the woman. She managed to remember to ask her boss for a day or two off that week. James was so shocked that she actually wanted to use her time that he gave her the rest of the week off, giving her till Sunday to do whatever she wanted.

Tuesday morning was not the relaxing, first day minivacation she’d hoped it would be, however. Myra started her day staring at her now mostly red hair. Some of her auburn was there, but almost all of it changed completely. What was even more astounding (and problematic) was that none of her bras or underwear fit her comfortably, which is why she’d done the unthinkable…

She went to the mall to buy new clothes.

Usually, Myra hated the mall, but once she arrived she discovered something even more life changing than anything else that had happened that morning.

She was enjoying herself!

For the first time in her life, the usually reserved futanari was having fun at the mall. She tried on dresses, skirts and jeans and spent quite a bit at nearly every store she visited. While she realized that it was weird that she was actually having a good time, what she didn’t notice was that her selection of clothing was much different than what she usually bought.

Nearly a thousand dollars later, Myra was forced to go to her car to drop off her haul. Her usual boring briefs and bras had been replaced by sexy and cute lace and designs, and her t-shirts had been swapped out for low cut blouses and flurry tops.

As soon as Myra packed her things in the trunk, she headed right back in and hit up the makeup store. Suddenly, she found herself attracted to bold, outrageous shades of lipstick, deeper shades of blush and even colored mascara. The various girls working at the stores were all too happy to help her with her spree, and by the time Myra was headed home, she was feeling bubbly and exhausted at the same time.

“There’s one more place I need to stop,” Myra giggled to herself as she slowed down in front of an adult store, “I don’t want to be left out in the cold while Keisha is doing her thing…”


Keisha checked and double checked her bags to make sure she had everything she needed. She lived alone in a studio apartment, and she slumped down onto the couch and sighed as she waited for the text.

The pretty young bartender was nervous about the shake off, but she was slightly more nervous about traveling with Myra. She didn’t know much about the futa, and she was having second thoughts about agreeing so quickly to be driven by her.

“Calm down, Keish, she’s not gonna hurt you…” the girl tried to settle her nerves as she chuckled.

The fit, dark skinned girl didn’t think that Myra was dangerous in any way, but she herself was somewhat intimidated by futanari in general. She herself claimed to be straight, but she found Myra (and other futa she’d met) extremely attractive, and that gave her mixed feelings.

Keisha’s phone buzzed in her hand, and she looked down and saw the text she’d been waiting for.

Hey Keisha, I’m out front! Need any help with your bags?

Keisha replied with a smile as she hopped up.

Naw, thanks, be right there!

The bartender grabbed her bags and headed out after making sure all the lights were off. After double checking that the door was locked, she skipped down to the curb where Myra was waiting, and the trunk popped open.

“Thanks!” Keisha shouted as she set her bags in the back and closed the trunk. She came around to the passenger side and opened the car door, then she stopped suddenly when she saw Myra.

“Hey girl, hop in!”

Keisha could scarcely believe that the woman she was looking at was Myra. She still looked the same, of course, but she was...different. Myra was wearing a bright polka dot top that was cut low and showing off a bit of her fair midriff. She was wearing a pair of high denim shorts that displayed her bulge nicely, and her legs were smooth and pale.

“Are you just gonna stand there?” Myra giggled.

“Oh, sorry!” Keisha climbed in, shut the door and fastened her seatbelt, immediately noticing the sweet perfume Myra was wearing, “I was just a little surprised.”

“Oh yeah? Me too!” The futa laughed brightly as she put the car into drive and pulled away from the curb, “I decided to go for a new look: what do you think?”

Keisha took the opportunity to look at her driver a bit more closely.

God, where she been hiding those tits?! The girl thought as she cast her eyes down to Myra’s thighs. The shorts barely covered the futa's ass, and plenty of soft white squish was spilling over onto the seat.

Fuck her tits, where'd she get all that ass?!

“You look good…” Keisha flushed as she noticed the woman’s deep red lipstick, “You look really nice, Myra.”

Myra grabbed a pair of glasses that was folded over her shirt and opened them with her teeth before slipping them onto her head, “Thanks, you look great, too!”

Several minutes of awkward silence passed for Keisha as Myra hummed to herself.

“Oh, by the way,” Myra said as she pulled onto the interstate, “You can call me Milky...if you want to.”

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