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The Shift pt 5

“Oh shit, I haven’t heard this song in years!” Keisha slapped her knee.

“Me neither; let’s turn it up!” Myra replied as she reached for the volume knob.

The two women were well into their drive, zooming down the highway at a steady pace while they listened to classic rock.

It was a warm, sunny day, and the wind whipped around the two as Keisha leaned forward and cranked up the music.

Somewhat to her surprise, Keisha had been having a great time. She’d quickly gotten over her initial awkwardness after Myra started playing the tunes, and the two sang along and swayed as the futa stayed in the fast lane.

“Oh man, that was awesome,” Keisha laughed as the song ended, “I didn’t know you were such a music connoisseur.”

“A music what?” Myra smiled ahead at the car in front of her, “Oh, that fancy french word...right?”

“Yeah,” Kesiha giggled as she pushed some of her curly hair away from her face, “Man, Myra...I mean, Milky, you’re funny.”

“Funny looking, maybe,” Myra aka, ‘Milky’ snickered and picked up her phone from the stand clipped to the dash, “Here, why don’t you pick something? I’ve got plenty of data, so feel free to search the online thingy.”

“Okay, thingy…” Keisha took Myra’s smartphone and flipped through the music app.

“Pick whatever you want, hon, I’m not picky.”

Keisha nodded as she scrolled. She was unfamiliar with the phone, since she used a different OS altogether, and she pressed the home button by mistake.

“Ah ,gimme a sec here…” Keisha laughed as she tried to figure out how to get back to the music app.

“Take your time, there’s a lot of songs in there just in the one playlist,” Myra replied cheerfully.

The dark skinned girl didn’t want to make a total fool out of herself in front of her host, so she started pushing the buttons that made the most sense. She held the home button (the only button that existed on her own phone) and a quick menu of all of Myra’s recently opened apps popped up.

Ah, there it is, I’ll just…

Keisha was about to open the music app on the quick menu when she saw a preview of the app that was open beside it. It was just the basic messenger app, but there was a picture there, and it looked like…

Keisha took a deep breath as she glanced at her driver. Myra was watching the road and strumming the steering wheel, obviously having a great time. The girl knew that it wouldn’t be right to dig through Myra’s personal stuff, but her curiosity was burning her from the inside out.

“How about some Country?” Keisha tried to keep her tone even as she gulped and clicked the messenger app.”

“Aw, hell yeah, I could get down with some country, go for it!”

Keisha nodded and held the phone in such a way where Myra wouldn't be able to see the screen. She looked down and her eyes grew huge as her breath caught.

There was indeed a picture there, one that Myra had sent recently. The futa was wearing the very same outfit she was currently driving in, only her shorts were open and her fully erect cock was sticking straight up into the air.

Holy fucking shit! Is that her dick?!

Obviously, it was, but Keisha stared for far longer than she meant to.

I’ve never seen a dick so big in my life! She’s been packing that all this time?!

It looked like the message had been sent to someone named Yulia. It was marked for earlier that morning, which meant that Myra must have snapped it before she picked the girl up. Below the picture, Myra had texted:

Thinking of you…

Yulia had replied back, less than two minutes later.

When can I eat, I mean, see you again?

Keisha looked on for a moment longer than hurriedly switched back to the music app, “Uh… 90’s country okay?”

“It’s more than okay! That was the best time for it!”

Keisha smiled nervously as she shifted her thighs and clicked on the first greatest hits playlist she could find.

Dear lord, why is my pussy so wet?

45 minutes later, Myra stopped for gas at a fancy, 14 pump station. She pulled up beside one of the pumps and turned off the car, then stepped out.

"I'll take care of this if you wanna pee and stuff," then we'll switch," Myra told her passenger as she walked around to the pump.

"Will do!" Keisha opened the door and hopped out, heading straight towards the large convenience station.

Myra admired Keisha's back side before she grabbed her purse, but she frowned when she looked at the side of her car, "Oh, silly me...guess the hole thingy is on the other side…"

After moving her car and gassing up, Myra waited a few moments till Keisha returned. Once she saw the cute bartender moving towards her, she scooted forward and made her way into the store.

The now mostly redheaded futa went straight to the restroom to relieve herself. As she peed, she looked down at her cock and smiled widely as she saw the little something that she'd left there that morning.

"Oh hello, cutie...I almost forgot I was wearing you."

The cutie in question was a bright purple, vibrating cock ring set snugly around the base of her shaft. Myra had purchased it specially because of its discreet remote controlled capabilities, and she'd been planning to use it later, but…

"Aw geez, I'm so curious," the futa muttered as she shook herself dry, "It's only about another hour till we reach the city…"

Myra packed in, zipped up, then went to the sink to wash her hands. After she dried them, she dug around in her purse and found a tiny remote that was shaped like a tube of lipstick.

"Dare I?" She grinned at the remote before sticking her tongue out at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, "Of course I do!"


As soon as Myra had entered the store, Keisha practically jumped in the car and grabbed Myra's phone.

"Oh shit… this is terrible," the girl murmured as she flipped through the apps menu, "I shouldn't be doing this…"

But she was...very excitedly, in fact. Despite the guilt that was already welling up within her, her curiosity and desire to see what other kind of pictures Myra had on her phone had been consuming her.

"Just a peek," Keisha whispered as she opened the photos app, "Just a quick…oh shit balls…"

The very first thing Keisha saw was a picture of Myra's cock, taken from a first person perspective looking down. The next few were similar, and there were a few nudes from other people, as well.

"Holy fuck…" Keisha flipped through the photos in disbelief, "I had no idea she was such a player…"

In reality, most of the photos were recent. Many of them were from Yulia, a ton of others from Amelie, but the girl had no idea as she gawked at them. With every pic she snooped, Keisha's pussy throbbed hotly, and she barely looked up in time to see Myra heading out and back towards the car.

"Aw, fuck…" Keisha fumbled with the phone and hit the home button, then placed it back on the stand.

"All set?" Myra smiled widely as she opened the door and stepped in.

"Yup...all good…" Keisha sipped the drink she'd bought for herself and tried not to cough, "How you feeling?" She added quickly, "We're almost there."

"Yup, we sure are," Myra's smile was distant and dreamy as she started the car, "And I am feeling very, very nice… having a wonderful time, thanks for asking."

Myra followed up her reply with a giggle as she pulled out of the gas station.

Man, Keisha thought, I didn't think it was possible, but it seems like she's in an even better mood now!

The mid range hotel was nice enough, not too cheap or expensive, but when Myra walked with the bartender into the foyer, Keisha gulped as she glanced at the potted plants and the small zen fountain sitting on the counter.

“Hey, Milky,” Keisha tapped the futa’s shoulder as they stood in front of the counter, “I’m not sure I can afford this place; I’ve only got a hundred bucks for my room…”

Myra twirled a finger in her hair and giggled. Her face was flushed and her eyelids looked heavy, but her tone was as excited as ever, “Oh, don’t sweat it. I was gonna put it on my card, anyway, and they’ll probably want a down payment…” Myra scrunched her nose, “No, that’s not right...a hold? A withdrawer? No, a withdrawer is when you take money…”

“A deposit?” Keisha offered as she tried to hide a grin.

“Yes, that’s the word! You’re so smart, Keisha!”

The girl nodded and didn’t mention what she was thinking, And it’s a ‘withdrawal’ not a withdrawer, you goob…

The hotel receptionist came up to the counter and the futa began talking with her. Keisha took a step back and checked her phone to see if she had any messages, and she zoned out the conversation as she mused.

Man, Myra seems really ditzy lately. It’s kind of cute, i’m not gonna lie, but she’s usually so…

“Oh, right in this little slot?”

Keisha’s thoughts were broken as she turned to see Myra holding her credit card.

“Yes…” the receptionist, a cute brunette wearing an unflattering blazer that was much too large for her, coughed and smiled, “But it’s upside down, miss.”

“Upside down?” Myra blinked, “But I can see the numbers, it looks like the right side to me.”

The receptionist glanced up at Keisha, and the two made eye contact as Keisha cleared her throat and stepped forward, “She’s talking about the chip, Milky; that little silver square on the other side.”

“Ooh, gotcha,” Myra pulled out the card and flipped it with a laugh, “Sorry, long drive.”

“It’s no problem, miss,” the receptionist smiled, “It happens all the time.”

‘Yeah, to people over the age of fifty,” Keisha laughed.

“Hey, be nice to me, I upgraded our room to a suite,” Myra chuckled as she signed the screen.

Keisha’s eyes widened, “Wha? Myra, I told you I…”

“And I told you, don’t sweat it,” Myra smiled before swallowing thickly and taking a deep breath, “Woo, it’s a little hot in here, or maybe it’s just me. Anyway, it’s cool if I got a double bed, right? It would have been way more expensive to get two separate rooms.”

“Oh, yeah, totally,” Keisha sighed and smiled as she shrugged, “I mean, shit, I won’t complain, I just need a place to crash, but you didn’t have to go and get a suite.”

“Oh, but I wanted to,” Myra smiled as the receptionist offered her the room keys.

“Here you are,” the receptionist said in a sweet, yet obviously practiced way, “If you want it, there’s free continental breakfast from six to ten; checkout time is at noon.”

“Do you come with breakfast, hon?” Myra leaned over the counter and made eyes at the girl, “I don’t usually eat much in the morning, but I prefer to eat sweet things…”

The girl’s cheeks turned crimson as Keisha grabbed Myra’s wrist, “Leave the poor girl alone, Milky; help me with the bags.”

Myra laughed as she allowed herself to be turned, “Bye honey, thanks again!” She waved to the receptionist.

The receptionist waved back weakly, but her eyes were fixed onto the small, dark wet spot staining the pronounced bulge atop the woman’s shorts.

-5:00 PM-

The two dropped off their luggage in the room, and Keisha took a few minutes to wow over the amenities. Myra smiled as she watched the girl, admiring Keisha from all angles as the girl poked and prodded all of the lamps and linens.

“Whaaat? Power blinds?” The girl grabbed a remote from a side table and adjusted the blinds, “Fancy as fuck…”

“I’m glad you’re having such a great time with remotes,” Myra laughed as she glanced down. Her crotch had been burning like crazy ever since they’d arrived, and when she saw the wet spot, she licked her lips and grunted, “Ooh, I’m uh...speaking of remotes, I gotta change.”

“Hm?” Keisha turned to see the futa grab her luggage and drag it into the bathroom. Before she could reply, she heard the lock click, and she furrowed her brow in confusion, “What about remotes?”

As soon as Myra locked the door, she set her purse down and undid her shorts. Her panties were becoming soaked with precum, and the vibrating cock ring was still going at it, stimulating her on the lowest setting with a dull yet very noticeable sensation.

“Mmm this thing is amazing,” the futa gasped under her breath as she wiped herself clean and dug through her luggage for a new pair of panties.

“I should probably take it off, though, or I’ll lose my spunk in some random…

Her phone buzzed beside her, and she took it up and grinned when she saw that it was from Yulia.

Just got off work! How was the drive, baby?

Myra responded, temporarily forgetting about her nudity and the buzzing toy.

Great! I’m having a ton of fun with Keisha, and...there’s something else ;)

Myra lowered her phone down to her slightly erect cock and snapped a photo, then added it to the text.

Oh my god! What is that? Yulia’s reply was almost instant.

It’s a vibrating cock ring, I’ve had it on the lowest setting for the last few hours. It feels soooo nice, but it’s really mellow.

YOU PERV! :P Yulia responded, Jacking off in the car with that poor girl sitting right next to you.

Myra chuckled, She’s a big girl, she doesn’t need protecting from me.

Everyone needs protecting from you. Anyway, what are you doing for the rest of the night? Interested in phone sex? I’ve been soaked all day from looking at the pics you’ve been sending.

I would, babe, but I’ve gotta drive Keisha to the bartender contest thingy. I was planning on hanging out in the gigantic mall here, you know the one.

Oh yeah, that fucking huge tri county mall? I got lost in that place once. Clothes shopping again?

Yeah, maybe. I swear I just bought these summer clothes but there already feeling tight.

I think you mean ‘they’re’ :P

Myra frowned and laughed under her breath, Don’t correct my texts bossy pants!

You love it. So, are you gonna wear that cock ring in the mall? Send me some pictures of you trying things on and I can tell you how sexy you look while that massive cum load builds up in you…

Myra smirked, Damn, you really are horny! I wasn’t planning on it, but I can just for you. I should prolly charge it.

I was just joking, but if you really want to, that would be amazing! I would love some fap material from you; shit, if you were here I’d drive to your place right this second just so you could screw my brains out.

Lol! Okay, that sounds fun, I’ve never really done anything like that! I’ll text you when I’m at the mall.

Hell yes! You’re gonna make me cum so hard, Myra, I can already feel it. Don’t cum until I say you can, okay? I want photographic proof of your shameless edging.

I’m not gonna promise that, but I’ll try!

Myra finished sending the text and pursed her lips as she dug around for the vibrator’s remote in her purse, “Okay, little guy, let’s make sure you’re topped…”

-6:00 PM-

The convention center was buzzing with cars and foot traffic as Myra followed the signs and pulled up to a drop off spot. Keisha had been concerned at several points, because Myra had almost taken them in the wrong direction twice, but on the bright side, her nervousness about the competition was offset by Myra’s sudden airheadedness.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a ticket for you,” Keisha turned and frowned as she hopped out of the car.

“Don’t worry about it; I’d only distract you, anyway,” Myra replied as she shooed the girl, “Go, don’t be late! Get in there and win this thing for the Tipsy so we can sing your praises and kiss your ass for the rest of the year.”

Keisha giggled and walked off, “I like the sound of that! See you at 10, Milky!”

“Good luck!” Myra’s face was redder than the blush she was wearing as she huffed, “Ooh’s gonna be a rough four hours…”

-6:15 PM-

Myra parked her car in the stack garage and pulled out her phone as soon as she killed the engine.

I’m here! I’m all yours for the next three hours! <3

The futa tapped a text and hit send, but to her dismay, a tiny message came up that said ‘message not sent, no service’.

“Huh? Why?” Myra puffed out her cheeks, “Maybe I didn’t hit the button hard enough?”

The redheaded futa tapped the send button even harder, but she got the same message.

“Stupid thing…” the woman grumbled as she got out of the car.

Myra made her way to the stairs and bounded up them towards the entrance, her boobs and ass bouncing in her tight fitting clothes as she went. The second she stepped out of the parking stack, she looked down at her phone and smiled.

“Aha, now you’re working! Maybe you’re afraid of the dark or something?” The woman giggled as she approached the huge structure.

Her phone buzzed a few seconds before she reached the door, and she read Yulia’s reply.

You’re gonna do everything I tell you to do? Yulia’s text was followed up by a series of suggestive emojis.

Wut? I never said that! Myra laughed as she stopped in front of the door.

How about this: for every one order you follow, I’ll take off one article of clothing and send you a picture. Once I’m naked, I’ll send you pictures of me fucking myself with my favorite dildo, and if you’re a really good girl, I might even squirt all over the mirror for you…

Myra’s cock responded to the text like clockwork as she shifted her thighs.

Deal! But if I get in trouble for public exi, exhub…x... the futa stopped typing and stared blankly at the screen, “Crap, what is that word?” she shrugged a moment later and finished the text, ...But if I get in trouble for jacking off in public, your paying my bail!

I think you mean ‘you’re’...

Myra sneered as her cock ached. She grabbed the door and pushed it open as she stared at her phone, but something unexpected happened.

The door wouldn’t budge an inch! The futa almost walked into it as she fumbled with her phone and barely caught it before it hit the ground, “Funh!”

She glared up at the door and winced as she read the sign, “Oh, pull. Duh, Milky,” she smiled and rolled her eyes as she pulled the door open, “Stupid bimbo…”

Myra made her way through the gigantic mall, indulging herself with window shopping while she continued to text Yulia. She hadn’t been there ten minutes when Yulia started making orders, though the first was substantially more dom-like than the futa had expected.

Turn on the cock ring to the highest setting and I’ll take off my shirt…

Myra’s eyes widened as she read the text. She was already feeling feverish and horny as hell. Still, the idea of being ordered around was somehow very appealing, and the futa had never really explored the fetish.

Myra found a bench and sat down before procuring the remote from her bag. She hesitated for a moment as she held up the lipstick tube shaped device, then she hit the button beneath three times, bringing the cock ring to its highest setting.

“Oh fudge…” Myra said flatly as the toy sent shockwaves of sensation through her shaft.

The vibrations weren’t anywhere near as powerful as she thought they would be, but it had only been a few seconds, and the woman already felt like she was going to blow.

I did it. I might nut in my shorts in like, thirty minutes, but I did it.

Several seconds later. Myra was rewarded with a photo of Yulia standing in her bedroom. The Russian woman was wearing a business skirt and a lacey white bra, and it looked like she hadn’t even taken off her shoes yet.

Good girl, here’s your prize. Tit for tat: keep doing what I say and I’ll show you whatever you want to see.

Myra shuddered as she took a deep breath. A group of passing patrons glanced at her as she tried to contain her excitement, and she licked her lips as she texted back.

What’s next, oh mistress?

The text was meant to be more sarcastic than anything, but when Myra hit send, she swallowed hard and was somewhat surprised by how eager she was for the reply.

Pick out a nice skirt for work, the kind that buttons in the front. Try it on and send me a picture, and you can wear it this Monday. I want to put your dick between the buttons and suck you off while you’re still wearing it…

Myra’s breath caught as she swallowed hard, “Holy moly, she’s not messing around…”

The next two and a half hours were both glorious and tortuous for Myra. She’d gone into many different stores and tried on various outfits; sending pictures to her sexting partner and receiving progressively more provocative photos.

The vibrating cock ring ran out of juice within the first 45 minutes, but even though it had ceased its higher functions, Myra could feel it digging into her soft skin as her dick began to leak a constant stream of precum. She was forced to make several trips to the bathroom to wipe herself up, but it wasn’t long before she gave up and bought a box of condoms to catch her drippings.

9:30 came in the blink of an eye, and Myra was deep in the throes of her struggle not to cum when she realized it. Simultaneously frustrated and riding the high of being a submissive, the futa sent a text to her new office fuck buddy.

Yulia, I’m having such an awesome time, but I really need to get going to pick up Keisha.

I know...just one more please! Something fast, I swear!

Myra took a deep breath and replied.

Okay, what is it?

Go in a photo booth and get hard. Send me a picture of your hard cock, please, I’m so close and I wanna see it.

Myra was torn between doing what Yulia wanted and being late to pick up Keisha. She glanced around and saw a photobooth less than twenty yards away, and she rolled her eyes and headed towards it, “Real quick she says…”

The futa crowded into the booth, closed the curtain and fumbled with her buttons. The only thing that had been keeping her from getting completely hard was the tight denim, and as soon as the pressure was relieved, her cock bounded upward and thumped with a vengeance, fattenting and lengthening as it came into a standing position.

Myra leveled her phone to her fully erect cock and was about to take a picture when her eyes widened.

What the fuck… it was never this big...when did I get so freaking huge?

Myra’s cock throbbed as she stared. She could actually see her veins pumping as her length drooled. It was at least two or three inches longer than normal, and it seemed much thicker, but she bit her lip and shook her head.

“It’s probably because I’ve been edging for so long, I just gotta cum…”

Myra sent the text and waited several moments as she leaned back to let her dick breathe. Her head was spinning like crazy and she was having a hard time even seeing straight, but she was determined to hold out until she got back to the hotel.

“I hope Keisha doesn’t mind if I use the hot tub…”

Myra lost her thought as her phone buzzed. She looked down, thinking it was a text, but she blinked when she saw that Yulia was calling her.

“H-hello?” Myra answered quietly.

“I know…” the voice on the other end was raspy, feminine and hard breathing, “I know you have to go, sweetheart. Gimme a few seconds...just listen. This is what you do to me… I’m gonna cum...just listen...listen baby...fucking...fucking…”

Myra’s heart froze as she listened to the woman’s harsh breathing. In the background, she could actually hear the wet sounds of Yulia pounding her dildo into her pussy, and her face went slack as her cock hardened even more.

“Listen...this is it...I’m fucking my tight hole right in front of my mirror… oh shit...oh shit...listen! Aw fuck me I’m cumming!”

Spfft! Spfft!

Myra had never heard a sexier sound in her life. Yulia’s pussy was squirting hard all over the mirror, audibly smacking against the glass with a sharp, bright wetness.

“T-there...oh shit...f-fuck...h-holy god...gah…” Yulia’s husky voice rang in the petrified futa’s ear as Myra pictured the woman shuddering.

“Go get your bartender girl, maybe give her a good fuck,” Yulia giggled tiredly, “I’ll be waiting for you on Monday; wear that skirt. Goodnight, Milky.”

Myra stared at her diamond hard cock as she tried to process what had just happened. She was so stunned that she nearly forgot about Keisha, but when she glanced at the time on her phone, she jumped.

“Aw, geebers, I gotta get out of here!”

-10:14 PM-

Myra was nearly twenty minutes late when she finally pulled up to the pickup area at the convention center. Even though there were still plenty of people pouring out of the building, she was worried that Keisha would have tried to take a taxi or walk. Her fears were put to rest when she saw the busty girl standing beside the curb, however, and before she even put the car into park, the bartender nearly tore the door open.

"Keisha, I'm so sorry I'm late; I couldn't find where I parked, and…"

"I won! I fucking won!" Keisha screeched as she leaned over the divider and kissed Myra on the cheek.

Myra beamed, "You did? That's awesome! Woohoo!"

The two ladies bounced as they squealed, causing the car to shake.

Honk! Honk!

The driver behind Myra hit the horn angrily, and Myra yelped.

"Bah, killjoy. I guess I should get outta this spot," Myra laughed, "C'mon, we can go get a drink or something to celebrate."

Keisha put on her seatbelt and sputtered, "Actually, if it's okay with you, I'd rather go back to the room and unwind; I'm a little sick of booze at the moment."

Secretly, Myra was relieved as she pulled away from the parking spot. The pressure in her netherregions felt a lot like having to pee really bad, only it wasn't pee that needed to be purged…

"Of course, we can have a great time back at the hotel. You can tell me all about the competition on the way!"

And I can let some of this cum out before I literally die!

-Back at the hotel…-

"... So yeah, in the end, there were five divisional first place winners and I was one of them." Keisha laughed as they entered the room, "I thought I was hearing things; I almost didn't believe it!"

"Well, you deserve it," Myra said distantly as she flicked on the lights. "You spin those bottles all crazy and're amazing."

The futa nearly tripped as she slipped out of her sandals and closed the door.

"All crazy and woo?" Keisha laughed as she flopped onto the bed and kicked off her shoes, "I never would have been able to do this without you, Milky; you drove me all the way here and you hyped me up the whole time. I owe you."

Myra shook her head and smiled weakly as she braced herself again the doorjamb, "You don't owe me nothing. Do you need to use the potty? I'm gonna shower…"

"Go for it," Keisha turned on the tv and wiggled back onto the pillows, "I'll take one after."

Minutes later, the bathroom mirror fogged as the naked futa cranked down on her shaft in the shower.

"Oh please…"

Myra panted as she stroked herself like mad, the water sliding down her new curves as she gritted her teeth.


For the first time in her adult life, Myra was unable to do something that she'd done countless times.

"Why… why can't I cum?"

Her tight, smooth balls bounced crazily as she railed down on her cock. Her nipples were hard, her tits were swollen, and she felt like she was going to pass out from the pressure, but no matter what she tried her body refused to climax.

"Did Milky edge too long?" She murmured as she finally gave up, "No...just trying too hard...just gotta relax. Maybe we’ll try again later…"

She sighed as she turned off the water glumly. Instead of turning the knob to the right, however, she turned it left, and she yelped as the water became scaldingly hot, "Oi...owie!”

She stepped back, almost slipped, then jumped out of the tub and grabbed the handle, yanking the water off as she dripped all over the rug.

Myra whined as she closed her eyes and felt the burning. Talking was hard, hell, even thinking was hard, and all she could do was grab her towel and whimper, "Milky gotta cum so bad…"

Keisha stared at the TV disinterestedly as she calmed down mentally. The competition had happened so quickly, and she'd been going full steam for hours, but now that it was over she was feeling drained and a little lost.

When Myra exited the bathroom, Keisha was somewhat surprised to see that the woman was wearing only a robe. The girl's eyes followed the futa to the opposite bed, where Myra plopped down and exhaled gloomily.

"Everything...okay?" Keisha asked slowly as she saw the woman's frown. “I hear a lot of racket in there.”

"Yeah… it’s okay," Myra stared at the tv and replied hollowly.

Oh no...did I do something wrong? Keisha thought. She seems so upset; what happened? Did I...oh shit…

The girl suddenly remembered the snooping she'd done earlier on Myra's phone, and she began to panic inwardly, Oh no! Did she find out I was looking at her stuff?! She must have! Shit… and after everything she did to help me out… I'm a terrible person…

Guilt had been eating at Keisha all day, but she'd managed to push it aside. Seeing Myra looking so forlorn, however, had caused it to resurface, and Keisha snapped, unable to hold it back any longer.

"I'm… I'm really sorry, Myra! I shouldn't have done it…"

Myra blinked and turned to the girl, "Huh? Sorry for what, cutie?"

Keisha pressed her lips together and felt like a total idiot, "Um...fuck…" she looked away and blushed.

Myra raised her brow and pinched the bridge of her nose, obviously struggling to concentrate, "Milky won’t be mad...go ahead and say.”

Keisha sighed, as she looked over Myra. The futa almost looked drunk, and Keisha ventured once more, “Are you sure you’re alright, Myra?”

Myra forced a smile and gave the girl a decidedly kawaii peace sign, “Mhm!”

"Okay... just looked so upset when you came outta there, and I were mad at me."

"Why come?" Myra continued to smile tiredly, "What did Keisha do?”

"Gah...well…" Keisha looked away from the robed woman, "Earlier, when you gave me your phone to pick some music...I saw a photo you sent. I was so curious that I went through your phone to get a closer look when you were in the gas station…" the bartender turned and added quickly, "But I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done it and I've been feeling like shit all day. It won't happen again, and I understand if…"

Myra laughed loudly and threw her head back as Keisha trailed off, "Oh, is that all? Milky don't care bout’ that; you can look all you want!"

Keisha deflated like a punctured balloon as her shoulders slumped, " So... you're really not mad about that?"

"Nope," Myra stretched and yawned, "Milky got nothing to hide."

"Ah…" Keisha sighed as her guilt was replaced by bashfulness, "What's got you looking and...sounding like that, then?"

Myra uttered a fever induced laugh, "Milky gotta cum so bad! So backed full of cummies,” she slurred. “Can’t, for some reason, can't seem to even pre. All day, my coworker, Yulia…"

Ten minutes later, Keisha was just as astonished by the futa’s story as she had been several days prior after Myra’s threesome retelling. Myra fumbled through the story using the basest words possible, but the girl followed her well enough. It didn’t take Keisha long to realize that her friend had somehow digressed mentally from not being able to cum, and even though the story was hard to follow, Keisha was feeling more than just a little hot and bothered by the end of it. So much so, in fact, that she wondered how well she was hiding it as she crossed her legs and leaned forward on the bed.

“, that’s that,” Myra finished with a sigh before she uttered a short giggle and a snort, “You thought Milky was mad at you; sorry.”

Keisha shrugged and swallowed hard as she stared at the woman’s smooth legs, “I was sort of mad at myself. It’s wrong to go through people’s private shit...I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.”

Myra cocked her head and smiled coyly, “If you wanna see Milky’s cock, all you gotta do is say.”

Keisha coughed as her cheeks flared, “Oh, no, I…thanks, but I’m straight and I don’t think you’re really in the mental state to...”

Myra fell back onto the bed and laughed a bit more, kicking her legs as the bottom of her robe opened dangerously wide, “Milky is futa: girls and guys have been saying the same since high school. Peeking under stalls, looking at Milky while she’s changing in the lockers room. If I saw them, they’d all say they ‘oh no, not gay!’ and walk away blushing. Never bothered Milky, she like’s the attention, just wish more people…” Myra held her head and closed her eyes for a moment as she actively struggled to articulate, Weren’t so scared of their sex...sexu...sexyreality? That word,” Myra rolled her eyes. “Like, not for Milky’s sake, but for them. Life has gotta be hard when you say no to your naturalness all the time.

Keisha said nothing as Myra continued, though she found herself staring a hole right through the comforter. Though the woman’s words were base, they were resonating strongly with her, and Keisha couldn’t disagree with a single thing the muddled woman was saying.

“It’s sorta hard to mark things as straight, gay,,,” Myra huffed, “That word for more stuff in a list. Anyway, I never had to do that, since I’m kinda a boy and a girl at the same time, and…”

“I wanna see your cock…”

Myra stopped talking as the girl murmured, “Hm? What?”

Keisha set her jaw and flipped herself off the bed as she stood resolutely, “I...I wanna see your cock, Myra. Actually…” the girl clenched her fists and took a deep breath, “I don’t just want to see it...I wanna suck it. Like...really, really bad.”

Myra sat up and smiled ear to ear with an honest, goofy grin, “Wow, really?! Are you sure? I thought…”

“I know what I said, but i’ve been lying to myself for a long time. I like boys, but I like girls, too, I was just afraid to admit it,” Keisha gulped as she approached the edge of Myra’s bed. “Can I try to help? I can see that you’re struggling, and if I do say so myself...I’m pretty good at sucking dick.”

Myra slowly untied her robe and continued to smile in a dizzy haze, “Yes please...Milky would love that…”

Though Keisha was blushing so hard that her face actually hurt, her hands moved with purpose as she threw open Myra’s robe. The futa’s cock was already at least half hard, but it swelled even as the bartender stared at it.

“Fucking...w-wow…” Keisha covered her mouth as she watched Myra grow erect.

“Milky thinks it likes you,” Myra cooed as she spread her legs and reached to the head of the bed. She grabbed a pillow and propped herself up on it, then spread her legs, “Not super hard yet...almost there…”

“It gets bigger?!” Keisha’s mouth fell open as she watched the futa’s dick grow longer and fatter by the second. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any fatter, Myra’s cock would twitch and fill, and Keisha’s mouth actually began to water as she finally reached out to it.

Holy shit! It’s even bigger than in the picture!

It was true: fully erect, Myra’s cock was at least ten inches long and it appeared to have grown even since that morning. As Keisha wrapped her fingers around its hot throbbing length, Myra closed her eyes and let out a long, drawn out sigh.

Myra’s cheeks turned amber as her body heated up even more, “Oh frick, feels so much better when you do it. Go ahead, KK, do whatever you want to Milky…”

Keisha shoved every doubt out of her mind as she leaned forward and took a single lick of Myra’s shaft. It was warm, salty and sweet, much sweeter than any guy she’d been with, and the girl’s eyes grew heavy as she went in for more.

“F-fuck...mmm...shit you taste so good…” Keisha moaned between licks as she kissed Myra up and down. “I’m sorry, mmm, if I, hnn...go a little crazy…”

Myra groaned and caressed the side of Keisha’s face, “Crazy is good…”

Fully clothed, Keisha hopped onto the bed and nestled between Myra’s thick thighs, holding the woman’s cock with both of her hands like it was some sort of prize, “Hey…” she looked up at Myra with smoldering eyes, “Watch me?”

Myra grinned, “Milky will stare at your prettiest face...”

Keisha smiled, giggled, and kissed Myra’s dick before slipping it into her mouth hungrily.

“Unh...o-oh, h-holy...fudge sauce!” Myra startled as her dick melted in the girl’s mouth.

“Mmm...hnmm...ahnn…” Keisha’s full lips locked around Myra’s thickness as she went to work. She was vaguely aware of Myra’s new, almost childish vernacular, but she was much too busy enjoying the best dick she’d ever had in her mouth.

She lovingly cupped Myra’s balls, tugging and massaging them as she took the futa deeper down her throat. Every few seconds she swirled her tongue over the tip of Myra’s cock, then bit down gently before bringing her back in.

“KK…” Myra whimpered, “You’re so g-good at this!”

Keisha could only moan as she quickened her pace, stroking Myra with both hands while suckling on her cock slit.

“Oh my god...ohgodohgod…” Myra rolled her eyes as she struggled to keep them locked onto the slurping girl. Keisha was still staring at her, moving her head back and forth every time she swirled her tongue, and Myra couldn’t help but throw open her robe and grope her tits.

“Mmfuck…” Keisha drew back suddenly and gasped as she stared at Myra’s boobs, “You’re…”

“Yes, Milky gets Milky when Milky gets cummy,” Myra slurred as she pinched her nipples. Two distinct streams of milk sprayed upward as she moaned, and she shook her head and begged, “Please, please don’t stop! Milky gotta cum, KK...please?”

More turned on than she’d ever been in her life, Keisha grunted and wrapped both of her hands around Myra’s cock, “Is Milky gonna make a cummy mess?” Her voice was low and guttural. She was surprised to hear how dominating it sounded, but she kept going as she began to stroke, “Is Milky gonna bust a fat nut all over herself?”

“Yes!” Myra began to thrust her hips as Keisha stroked her. The pressure that had built up within her was finally starting to climb, and the relief was just as scintillating as the pleasure, “Milky will! Milky will do anything to cum! Cumming is all Milky cares about!”

Keisha growled and turned her head, resting it on Myra’s thigh before she began to lick the woman’s cockslit, “I...mmm...I wanna tell you something before you splatter your pretty face…”

Myra forced her eyes to focus as she made eye contact with Keisha. The girl was licking her cockhead slowly, caressing her shaft with one hand and rubbing her balls with the other. Each separate feeling was subtle and too teasing to make her climax, but together, it was the perfect combination of sensations to blow her mind.

“Thank you, Myra,” Keisha whispered between licks, “For everything. I wanna be like I gotta let go and be myself...starting with your big...fat...delicious cock.”

Myra’s vision swam as her load reached a breaking point, “KK...Milky is gonna spunk! Milky’s big jizz stick is…”

“Watch me,” Keisha kept her eyes open as she stroked and licked faster, “Watch me milk this girl dick. If you can’t cum for yourself, cum for me...cum for me, Milky…”

Myra gritted her teeth and moaned as her balls tightened. She squeezed her nipples once more, and a fresh splash of milk rained down onto her face as she cried, “Cumming!”

Keisha flipped her thumb up and held it over Myra’s cockslit, stemming it off like a hose as it began to spit. Halfway covered, the extra pressure caused the first of the futa’s all day load to shoot up into the air at least eight feet.

“Gawfuck!” Myra’s body stiffened as she blew ten consecutive shots with no pause between them.

“Holy shit! Fucking gawd!” Keisha laughed as she continued to stroke, “Look at all that fucking cum!”

Myra seized as she continued to fire round after round of girl jizz up into the air. It rained down on her, pelting her naked body with hot speckles of fragrant, pent up energy. Milk eked from her tits as she grabbed the comforter and tried to brace herself, but Keisha was still stroking.

“Oh my god, yes! Spit that nut!” Keisha bellowed as she licked her lips and lifted Myra’s balls. Her eyes settled onto Myra’s slick pussy lips like a vulture, and she smiled wickedly as she slid a finger in.

“Nuhg! Gaw!” Myra’s expression twisted as three more shots of cum sputtered out of her half covered slit, further coating her in her own goo.

“ fucking way…” Keisha laughed in disbelief as Myra finally stopped cumming, “That was the biggest fucking load I’ve ever seen in my life!”

The futa panted for several moments as she smiled stupidly and muttered nonsensities. She was vaguely aware of Keisha shifting between her legs, but her mind was foggy and lost in the void of post orgasm.

“Milky…” Myra heard Keisha’s voice moments later, “You’re still pretty hard…”

Before Myra could open her eyes, she heard the snappy sound of a phone camera taking a picture. Keisha giggled, and Myra could hear her footsteps moving gently away from the bed, “That’s for your friend Yulia; she said she wanted photo proof of your load. I’m sending it to myself, too…”

Myra struggled to open her eyes as she heard a familiar ruffling sound and a zipper being undone. A moment later, she felt Keisha move onto the bed beside her, and when she finally opened her eyes, she nearly had a heart attack.

“You seemed very interested when I mentioned I could do this…”

Myra’s entire body flared up as she was jolted back to reality. Keisha was completely naked, but her tits and body were covered because both of her legs were held firmly behind her head. Her strong arms were wrapped around her ankles, making her look much smaller than she actually was.

What was visible, of course, was the girl’s perfect, smooth, glistening pussy lips and her flawless ebony thighs. Keisha was packed in so tightly that her pussy looked like a sandwich sitting between two smooth pillows, and Myra’s dick sprang to full attention without her even having to think about it. Her clouded mind cleared somewhat, but she could feel how full she still was, and she was nowhere near satisfied.

“You know Milky is gonna rail your tight pussy right down to the floor, right?”

“I was counting on it,” Keisha giggled, “I can hold this for as long as you need me to...though I’ll probably be a wailing mess in about five minutes.”

Myra grinned as she positioned herself over the girl and lowered her dick, “Psh, Milky gonna make you cum way sooner than that…”

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